Collect your wishes

Wish lists are the focus of the StarSnoopy App. All wishes for a particular occasion are gathered in a wish list. StarSnoopy remembers your wishes for you.

New wishes can be added via the integrated browser or via the share function on your Smartphone.

During the creation of a new wish, appropriate images are automatically searched for. You can select from these suggestions so that everyone knows at a glance what you want.


Tell others

To ensure that your wishes come true, invite your friends, family members, work colleagues or acquaintances to your wish list.  

You can share these invitations via Facebook, WhatsApp, email, text message and all other known channels.

If someone accepts your invitation, they automatically join your wish list – or do this directly after the App has been installed, if they do not yet use StarSnoopy.


Receive a surprise

The invited persons are listed in each wish list. In this way, you retain an overview, and no-one is left out.  

Of course, you don’t know which wishes have already been fulfilled, and who is involved in which wish! This should remain a surprise for you until the day of the respective occasion.  

The others can easily organize themselves via StarSnoopy, and mark wishes as purchased. This ensures that you never receive the same gift twice.


Get it for free on iOS and Android


The Wish List App

We encounter wishes in everyday life at very different times. Would you like to give your nearest and dearest something special for their birthday, an anniversary or for Christmas? Or are you planning something big for a wedding, a baby shower or a move into a new home?

Or maybe just a little surprise in between times?  

However, if you are asked about a specific request for a gift, isn’t it often the case that you can’t think of a suitable one off-hand? As you haven’t noted down your wishes, they have flown away as quickly as you thought of them.   

StarSnoopy remembers your wishes for you

Supply the people close to you with gift ideas, and make everyone happy – you, because you receive the right gift, and your family and friends, because they can easily organize a gift in an uncomplicated way, and know for certain that it will bring you joy.  

With StarSnoopy, you will never receive the same gift twice

Download StarSnoopy and get to know its functions:

  • Collect your wishes and manage them
  • Share your wishes easily and clearly with your loved ones
  • Receive a delightful surprise
  • Organize yourself with others, and fulfill wishes in a targeted, simple way

As of now, StarSnoopy is available in the App store for iOS and on Google Play for Android – free of charge and without hidden In-App purchases.


Invitation cards

Are you planning an event, and would you like to combine your invitations and wish lists?  

In StarSnoopy, you can have a QR code generated for each wish list which can be printed on invitation cards, or integrated into digital invitations. Guests then scan this code via the integrated barcode scanner and can quickly become a member of your wish list.  

For electronic invitations, you can also use the link to your wish list. This is unambiguously allocated to each wish list, can be copied directly out of the App and can be shared via Facebook, WhatsApp, email, text message or other channels. In this way, other people are only a click away from your wish list.  

Sticker pack

StarSnoopy has a great sticker pack for you – free of charge and full of color!

The exceptionally sweet Sticker-Digger-Robin-the-tubby-robin-pack, featuring a clever little bird, supplies over thirty stickers for the iMessage app by Apple on iOS and for Gboard by Google on Android. These stickers are automatically installed with the StarSnoopy-App, but can also be downloaded independently in the iMessage store.