How and why should I register?

At StarSnoopy, you can register via:

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Google / Gmail

This free-of-charge registration provides you with the following advantages:

  1. Wish lists can be synchronized and used across several devices.
  2. In case a device is lost or defective, all wish lists and wishes are transferred onto your new device.  
  3. Your friends can see from whom an invitation comes and that they can trust you.
  4. The share function permits the creation of wishes directly from your browser or out of other Apps (technical limitation, only valid for iOS).

How do I organize gifts?

All the invited persons are visible for every participant in a wish list. If a wish is reserved or purchased, the others are made aware of this fact so that the same gift is not purchased twice. The creator of the wish list, on the other hand, doesn’t see any of this – it is to remain a surprise!

Changes to wish lists and wishes are transmitted directly on all devices for all participants so that everyone remains up to date – even if they have been offline for a time.  

How do I share my wishes?

Digital invitations can be sent using links. You receive these links by clicking on the share icon of the appropriate wish list either from the “My wish list” display or directly from a wish list.






You then send this link via email, Messenger or another App using which you can reach your friends. If they click on the link, they will be invited without delay into your wish list.

In order to speed things up, you can use QR codes. These are automatically created by StarSnoopy and can be scanned via the integrated QR scanner.

How do I create printed invitations?

QR codes are suitable for printed invitations. You receive these QR codes either by clicking on the QR code icon for the appropriate wish list in the “My wish lists” display or directly from a wish list.

You can then integrate this QR code as an image into your invitation. Your friends can scan this code using the barcode scanner integrated in StarSnoopy, and will be invited without delay into your wish list.